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What we do

Bespoke software development

Where an off-the-shelf product is unavailable or inadequate we can design, build and implement a cost effective, enterprise solution that meets your specific business needs. We use proven software development methodologies to deliver quality applications, on time and within budget.

Systems integration

We have a wide range of experience in integrating IT systems including mobile computing, wireless technologies (including Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS, GPS & low power radio), SCADA and BMS, KPI dashboards, reporting applications and enterprise database management systems.

Application re-engineering

You may have already designed and built a prototype business solution that solves a problem but you suspect that you may not have used the most appropriate technologies. What you have works to a point, but it could be more widely used, more easily operated or less costly to maintain if an alternative set of technologies had been used. We can evaluate such a solution and recommend a more effective alternative and we can, if you wish, develop an enhanced solution.

Evaluation and feasibility studies

You may already operate legacy IT systems; you know they need replacing but you’re not sure what the best solution is. We have extensive experience in evaluating existing systems and identifying the costs and benefits of a range of alternatives, consequently we can help you with this process.

Managed service delivery

We can deliver your application as a ‘cloud’ (aka ‘Software as a Service’) solution to you or your customers; we already provide several of our own applications (see ‘Products’) in this way. With this method of delivery you or your customers pay a monthly or annual fee for use of the application and any associated data capture and storage. Maintenance and support is included as part of the recurring fee.

Application support

We can provide reliable and effective support services for your applications; in accordance with an agreed service level agreement (SLA) and for applications we’ve developed or for those developed by a third party. We can provide first or second tier support for applications deployed and used globally.

Our Products