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Shift Coms

shift|Coms   is an electronic logbook and reporting application used by operations teams to manage shift-to-shift communications.

Whenever multiple shifts of people operate there is a clear need to ensure that communication is effective both between shift operatives and between operatives and management (both local and remote). If this is not the case then mistakes are more likely to be made and duplication of effort raises costs.

shift|Coms   is a secure, managed service application, delivered via the Internet that provides the necessary features and functionality to ensure effective shift-to-shift communication.

Main features

  • Kpi dashboard

  • Multi-site capability

  • Operational logbook

  • Projects, permits & non-conforming events

  • Management instructions

  • Reports, alerts & user management


  • Minimise instances of missed & mis-communication

  • Maximise utilisation of shift resources

  • Enhance safety & minimise mistakes