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asset|Driver Asset Driver

Many organisations operate assets which they may or may not have provided, often remotely and often with minimal reliable information on the actual performance of these assets.

Where the data is available it is often difficult to acquire and sometimes when it is eventually recovered it is found to be inadequate or incomplete. Even when the required data is available it is often difficult to analyse in order to extract the required information.

To overcome these problems and to provide 'Manu-Service' companies with the ability to provide smarter service to their customers we developed asset|Driver  .

asset|Driver   is able to capture data, reliably and securely, from remotely located assets using industry standard protocols and a variety of data capture technologies (Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS, Bluetooth, etc.). This data is then made available via user configurable KPI dashboards and reporting and alerting services.

Main features

  • Real-time alerting

  • Kpi dashboards

  • Statistical analysis

  • Secure, reliable data capture

  • Multi-site, multi-asset visibility

  • Industry standard interfaces & protocols


  • Maximise asset performance

  • Minimise unexpected downtime

  • Maximise operational service productivity