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Gas and chemical users - are you leveraging Industry 4.0?

Gas and chemical users - are you leveraging Industry 4.0?

Many high tech manufacturers, particularly in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries, are significant users of speciality gases and chemicals. By implementing systems that take advantage of Industry 4.0, companies can gain significant competitive advantage.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the next step in manufacturing development and is concerned with interoperability, information transparency, technical assistance and decentralised decision making.

Why should you be concerned? You get the gas and chemicals you need to make your products. You rarely experience a run out, you’re pretty sure that all gases and chemicals consumed haven’t exceeded their shelf life and it’s very unusual that a miss-install occurs. How can this be improved?

Information transparency

Well apart from the obvious e.g. zero runouts, zero shelf life expired usage and zero miss-installs, what about using and therefore buying, fewer gas and chemicals? Do you know for certain that what got consumed last week was what you required, or did some of it go straight down the drain or directly through the abatement system?

In other words do you have the information transparency element of Industry 4.0? 

It’s possible (we know, we’ve done it) to aggregate raw sensor data from gas and chemicals dispensing equipment (or from tools consuming these materials), convert it to mass consumption information and by combining it with production data (e.g. wafer turns) provide a picture of specific material consumption which can be used to identify unexpected consumption.

Furthermore using this specific material usage data along with forecast production data, a more precise picture of future material needs can be generated which in turn is able to facilitate a more efficient supply chain operation. 

In Industry 4.0 terms, these capabilities of being rapidly alerted to unexpected consumption and the ability to more precisely predict future material needs, is referred to as providing ‘…higher-value context information.’

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