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Whitehall RTD

Real-time emissions display system

Whitehall RTD

Real-time emissions display system


On the 14th May 2010, the UK Prime-Minister David Cameron made a commitment to make the new coalition government the ‘greenest government’ ever. His commitment included, cutting carbon emissions by 10% across central government, in the first 12 months and a promise to publish on-line real time emissions data from 18 headquarter buildings.

Today, five major Whitehall HQ buildings the Office for National Statistics HQ and a further fifteen central government buildings are making use of a real-time energy and emissions display system developed by us.


Utilising our existing, in-house developed application, eco|Driver®  , in a short period of time, we were able to design, build and implement an interactive, web based portal and a local LCD display system that exceeded the expectations of the most prominent Whitehall departments in central London.

Each department has a bespoke webpage embedded with an interactive chart that graphically displays both live and historical energy, cost and emissions data with associated targets. Users are able to select sites, meters and time periods and switch from energy consumption data to cost or CO2 emissions.

Each department also has a local LCD display application that displays live and historical energy cost and emissions data supplemented with embedded presentations, images, tips, alerts and video.

This system utilises the .NET framework and Silverlight® technologies for the display as well as SOAP to exchange data between the LCD display application and the ecoDriver® server. The display system also makes use of unique embedded PowerPoint® functionality that enables the display to be embedded with a standard PowerPoint® presentation.


In July 2011 the coalition government announced that its target for a 10% reduction in emissions from the central government estate had been exceeded with a 13.5% actual reduction. In February 2011, 7 months after our real-time display systems were installed at the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defence, the Department for Transport and the Department for International Development, a government minister at the Home Office, Damian Green, stated ‘The RTD (real time display) has provided a focus for our efforts and useful feedback on our success. It has raised the awareness of energy efficiency in our building and provided transparency on our performance to a wide range of interested stakeholders’.