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shift|Coms™ operational logbook

Avoid missing or duplicating operational tasks through effective communication

shift|Coms™ operational logbook

Our Client

Global, Industrial, Operational Service Provider.

The Problem

Whilst our customer had progressed beyond the ubiquitous hand written note book to record their daily operational logs in an electronic spread-sheet, this was still a long way from the globally accessible, operational logbook and shift-to-shift communications application they needed to support their remote plant, operational support strategy.

The Solution

shift|Coms™ is a secure, robust, cloud based operational logbook and shift-to-shift communications application developed by TR Control Solutions. Accessible from any Internet enabled device. Customisable to suit your industry’s specific requirements and scalable from 1 – 1,000+ users.

The Benefits

Previously, on occasion, informal methods of communication between shifts and between managers and technicians was overlooked, some tasks got missed whilst others got duplicated. Technicians now have to acknowledge formal instructions and all users can easily view what has happened and what needs to happen on a daily basis which leads to improved safety and productivity.

The Detail

In 2011 we were approached by an existing customer to see if we could help them overcome problems associated with their current method of logging day to day operational activities, particularly in the light of their move to a new centralised operational support strategy. Whilst their use of an electronic spread sheet was a significant improvement on the previous method of hand written notes made in a notebook at remote sites, they knew that a more appropriate method for multi-user access was required.

Following the development and trial of an interim database solution we embarked upon the full scale development of a cloud based application in early 2012.

Using Microsoft SQL Server® and ASP.Net technology we designed and developed a multi-user operational logging and shift-to-shift communication application that now has over 700 users and is used daily across three continents to manage the operations performed on remotely located industrial plant.

The system provides a real-time dashboard which displays activity and instructions that have occurred and been issued since the user last logged in.

Acknowledgement of management instructions and communication is required to ensure that messages get through to the right people and tasks are carried out as required.