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Time for Continuous Improvement

We helped a client eliminate 500 hours of admin effort and then use this time to implement CI projects, saving over £20k in the process.

Time for Continuous Improvement

User Requirements

We were asked to investigate and then propose a solution that would free-up time for a Production Manager in a food manufacturing plant. In addition to this central objective two further user requirements needed to be met. The new system should not deviate too far from exisiting procedures (to minimise implement effort and disruption) and existing operational and information technology (OT/IT) systems should be incorporated into the new solution.

Site Investigation

Whilst an existing PLC reporting system generated a daily report, the Production Manager needed to extract data manually from this report and combine it with data from hand written, daily shift logs, into an Excel worksheet. This labour intensive process was performed every day with further processing required at the end of the week and also at the end of the month. It was estimated that this process required up to 500 man-hours per year which equated to approximately 25% of the Production Managers time.


The solution required the implementation of a MS SQL Server db with a browser-based user interface. The daily hand written production logs were replaced with a similarly designed desktop user interface. Data is now extracted automatically from the existing PLC system and daily, weekly and monthly production reports are generated and emailed automatically to the Production Manager and the Finance Director. Approximately 500 hours of administration time have been eliminated and the Production Manager has been able to implement several CI projects that had been languishing in her in box for several years and one of these alone (the replacement of an ageing HVAC system) generated net savings of £22.5k per annum.


Year 0 costs of approx. £16k (including the site investigation and user requirements specification). Year 1 costs = £3k. Year n costs = £3k.

Simple payback = 10 months.

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