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New value from legacy checkweighers

How we helped a prominent UK food manufacturer identify and realise significant savings from checkweigh data.

New value from legacy checkweighers

Our Client

An established UK food manufacturer

The Problem

Our client had a wide variety of checkweighers (makes, models & ages), several with no method for capturing data electronically, the rest with very limited interface capability. Consequently providing checkweigh data for their customers on request was a very time consuming task. Additionally they had very limited visibility of the real time performance of their filling operations and significant difficulty quantifying ‘giveaway’.

The Solution

We investigated, developed and implemented a reliable method of capturing data from legacy checkweighers and using our asset|Driver™ generic application, created a solution to provide the necessary data to assure product weight compliance, to quantify ‘giveaway’ and to notify relevant personnel when corrective action was required.

The Benefits

Savings of over £90k per annum, an ROI of less than 12 months and easy access to reliable checkweigh data

The Detail

Whilst check weigh machines enable food product manufacturers to comply with pack weight regulations they are also a valuable source of production data that if accessed, analysed and used correctly can significantly reduce operational cost.

Often however manufacturers have a wide variety of check weigh machine in terms of both make and model, acquired over a long period of time, with older models having very limited interface capabilities. One challenge therefore is to be able to easily and economically capture the check weigh data electronically. The next challenge is to be able to provide relevant information to appropriate personnel to enable production performance to be improved and costs reduced. However before any significant expenditure is made it is prudent to evaluate the potential benefits via a limited pilot.

Using our generic asset|Driver™ platform and our unique, collaborative approach to business improvement, systems integration, we have recently helped a prominent UK food manufacturer gain significant new value from their existing legacy check weigh machines.
When we initially approached the customer they were faced with requests from an important customer for their check weigh data coupled with difficulties obtaining this data from a wide variety of legacy equipment. They also suspected that they could make significant cost savings if they had easy access to the check weigh data.

In summary we helped the customer by overcoming the technical, systems integration challenge, we helped them identify and quantify the actual benefits and the expected return on investment through a pilot project and we designed and implemented a business solution to meet their precise needs.