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Energy Efficiency Programme at Central Government Whitehall HQ

Energy Efficiency Programme saves over £170k

Energy Efficiency Programme at Central Government Whitehall HQ

Our Client

Whitehall Central Government HQ

The Problem

A successful competition between Whitehall Central Government HQs to reduce energy consumption (and thus cost) by publishing live energy consumption data to real-time online energy displays was run during October 2010. After the competition had finished however focus on energy reduction waned and the energy savings that had been made started to decline.  A snapshot in January 2012 showed only 10 of the 18 departments were still publishing their data.

The Solution

Working with a prominent ministry, TR Control Solutions implemented an Energy Efficiency Programme (EEP) in conjunction with eco|Driver® (our real-time online energy management system) to maintain existing savings and identify new opportunities for projects to reduce energy consumption. Hourly alerting, weekly profile audits and monthly energy reviews were carried out to verify savings were being achieved and sustained.

The Benefits

Between February 2011 and January 2012 (inclusive), when compared with the preceding 12 month period, this HQ building has saved (after weather corrections have been made) approximately £170,000. An amazing achievement given that significant savings had already been made between 2009 and 2010.

The Detail

In May 2010 all 18 Whitehall Central Government HQs were instructed to install real-time, online energy displays (RTDs as they have become known). The theory is that if energy consumption is made more transparent then users will be more aware and they will seek to reduce waste.

In October 2010 a competition was organised by the Cabinet Office to see which department could reduce their consumption by the most. The departments responded and made significant reductions in consumption. Since then however interest seemed to have waned in the project and in January 2012 when a snapshot analysis of performance was taken, relevant data could only be retrieved from 10 of the 18 original buildings.

Of these original 18 departments however at least one prominent ministry (department protocol requires name to be withheld) has built on the original RTD project by implementing an associated Energy Efficiency Programme (EEP) using guidance issued by the Cabinet Office in July 2010. Their RTD system of choice, eco|Driver® was also enhanced specifically to support this programme.

An effective EEP requires close co-operation between the client (in this case the Ministry) and their Facilities Management contractor and active support from senior management in the organisation.

Surveys and audits were used to identify opportunities for energy efficiency projects whilst hourly alerting, weekly energy profile audits and monthly reviews were used to ensure that any savings achieved were sustained.