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eco|Driver® case study

Required reliable access to critical process data system.

eco|Driver® case study


In 2007, as concerns intensified about the impact of carbon dioxide emissions and following requests from a number of customers we embarked upon the development of eco|Driver®  , a sustainability management system. It soon became apparent that whilst there were many traditional ‘energy monitoring’ applications available, their focus was primarily on energy and costs and their audience was generally the energy or facilities manager, often using data that was 24 hours old or even older.

Following much publicity about the greenhouse effect and global warming around 2006-2008, concerns about conserving resources and reducing CO2 emissions became more mainstream and consequently a much wider audience for information on sustainability performance developed.


We recognised that whilst initially most organisations would focus on capturing and presenting information on energy use and their associated emissions, the ability to handle other sources of sustainability data would be useful in the future.

From our extensive experience of capturing real-time data from remotely located industrial assets we knew that one of the keys to success would be in designing and developing a reliable data capture and conversion solution that should be largely independent of the technology used to capture the data. We also knew that it was important that the final product should be easy to deploy and inexpensive to support and maintain and consequently the final solution, used exclusively by all customers, is a cloud based application delivered by us as a managed service. The product utilises a Microsoft® SQL Server database and the .NET framework.


At the start of 2012 eco|Driver®   is being used to capture data from over 100 sites for 60 industrial, commercial and public sector customers, predominantly in the UK but also with sites in Australia and New Zealand. Whilst in the main it is used for electricity and natural gas consumption monitoring it is also used to capture the performance of renewal technologies and the emissions associated with waste disposal. Using the product to support their sustainability improvement programmes customers have been able to make year on year reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions of over 20% and in one particular case a customer saved over £170,000 in 12 months in one building.