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Downtime Analytics with Tableau

It's one thing collecting production statistics it's another being able to analyse them, quickly and easily, to detect the issues that need resolution. If this process is too complicated or too time-consuming it just won't get done and lean performance will remain an aspiration rather than a reality.

Downtime Analytics with Tableau

Leveraging existing capability

Our client, a global oil and gas equipment manufacturer and user of our asset|Driver OEE+ data capture and reporting system, wanted to leverage their existing Tableau expertise to perform advanced analysis of their OEE production data.

Ease and speed of use

One of their key objectives was to be able to quickly identify the current issues that are causing under-performance in the manufacturing process, whist another was to be able to easily identify and eliminate common causes.

Taking their user requirements we designed and built several interactive Tableau dashboards and the underlying SQL procedures that drive these dashboards.

Ongoing development

These dashboards are now deployed on the client's own local Tableau server and supported by us, they are in the process of developing more production reporting dashboards using the same underlying SQL procedures.

Tableau + asset|Driver = intuitive, configurable, effective OEE solution

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